Should You Add Decking to Your Home?

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August 30, 2017
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Should You Add Decking to Your Home?

For many UK homeowners, adding outdoor decking to their garden area sounds like a good idea. After all, most homeowners like the idea of relaxing outside on a beautiful day and decking can make that a possibility. But is decking a good idea for your home? With the planning, the layout, the time and materials, decking seems like more of a problem than a solution to some homeowners.

When it comes to planning and building outdoor decking for your home, Custom Carpentry Solutions says that it is well worth the time, effort and money it takes to create an inviting outdoor space that any homeowner would be proud of. There are many benefits of adding decking to your home and here are some of the most important ones.

Added Home Value

Decking adds to your home’s value and can even offer a higher return on the homeowner’s investment. Recent property value statistics, albeit in the US, show that up to 190% of the original investment of planning and building decking is added to the home’s resale value. Without any hard and fast statistics in the UK, we are left with property selling agents saying that, yes, decking does add value to the home and many homebuyers actively seek out homes with added decking.

More Space for your guests

The main reason, and the biggest selling points of new decking, is outdoor entertaining. With a larger decking space, you can entertain more guests and your home will become the place to be on holidays, for outdoor cookouts and family get togethers.

A bigger house

Not only does decking add outdoor entertaining space, it also adds more living space to your home. If you have a larger family, having a space where you can relax, without being cramped, is ideal for any homeowner. You can even convert your decking into a four-season patio or conservatory that can be used year-round

Adding outdoor decking to your home has many benefits from adding value to adding more space and providing an outdoor entertainment spot for family and friends. If you are considering adding new decking to your home, contact the professionals at Custom Carpentry Solutions for a no obligation quote today.

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