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The Pros and Cons of Garage Conversions

If, like many people, you don’t use your garage to park your car overnight you might be wondering if you could make better use of the space. Clearing out the clutter and opting for a garage conversion could provide lots more room and give you new options in your home.

Converting your garage is surprisingly affordable when you use Custom Carpentry Services but it’s essential to think about the change properly first. Here is a look at the pros and cons of garage conversions to help you make up your mind.

The Pros

The advantages of converting your garage may seem obvious, but here’s a run-through of the benefits you could enjoy:

More space

This is the single biggest advantage of converting your garage. Once it’s been insulated and converted, you could be surprised at the difference it makes to your home.

The options are endless: use it as a gym, home office, playroom or a second living room for teenage children. Converting the garage allows you to redesign the layout of your home for minimal cost.

Minimal disruption

No-one relishes the idea of ongoing construction work in their own home, but compared to a property extension, a garage is far less intrusive.

The main part of your home will be left untouched, allowing you to continue with your daily routine with little interruption. The work on a garage can be completed much more quickly too; a conversion will be finished in typically just a few weeks.

No planning permission necessary

Red tape can be painful and the hassle of getting approval can be a major deterrent in getting work done. Although there’s no single rule that applies to everyone, in general most homes won’t need planning permission to convert their garage.

There are a few exceptions but your chosen builders and project managers will be able to confirm the rules that apply in your case.

The Cons

With so many reasons to go ahead with a garage conversion, it may well seem as if there are no stumbling blocks. However, to make sure you make a balanced decision, here are some of the negatives you should weigh up.

Loss of parking space

A garage provides a secure parking space and when it comes to selling your home, this can be an asset. However, losing your garage will be more of an issue if you don’t have adequate parking elsewhere.

If on street parking is tricky, you might want to consider changing your front garden into a driveway to compensate for no longer having a garage.

Less storage space

If you’ve been using your garage as a surplus storage area, the loss of the space might come as a bit of a shock. Once a new room has been created you won’t want to ruin the space by piling it full of junk.

Hopefully you will have other parts of your home which can be used for storage, and to overcome the loss of your garage space you’ll need to use them more efficiently. This can mean that it’s time for a clear-out of your items - and be ruthless!

Can be cold and damp

Garages aren’t fitted with the same type of insulation as the main part of your home so if you’re planning on using it as a workroom or office, you may find everything gets cold and damp.

However, this is very easily overcome by using proper professionals to carry out your garage conversion. Here at Custom Carpentry Services we are experts in construction work, and that includes transforming your garage into a usable space. That’s far more than simply erecting walls and installing power, it also means making sure it has proper insulation and is energy efficient too.

Don’t be tempted to carry out a DIY garage conversion. Despite the tutorials you might find online, getting the job done to an acceptable standard requires skill, experience and access to tools and techniques that an amateur DIY enthusiast simply won’t possess.

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A garage conversion could add value to your home and give you the flexibility to add extra space without uprooting your family and moving to a new property. It may not be an option that you’ve explored before so come and talk to the experts in Gwent, the South Wales Valleys and Cardiff. We offer free appointments and no obligation quotes, so why not give us a call today?

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